Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Derek!

This was Derek's birthday party on his actual birthday.

This was the front of the invite.
 This was on the back

We just had close family and friends come over and enjoy some food and cupcakes together.

At this point Derek isn't walking yet but walks well holding on to things

He got many things but one of them was this helmet. He'll be able to go on bike rides with daddy now. YEAH!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday Party #1

When my mom found out that I was only having a birthday dinner for Derek's first birthday, she decided to throw a big party for him. It was a swim party with most of my dad's family. It was a great turn out, and Derek had a lot of fun as well.
 I loved this banner Rosy made!
 Derek loves the pool, it was a perfect day for it too!

 He enjoyed digging into his cake, and it was his first time having cake ever!
 Pinata time!!

I loved how everyone got up to grab the candy that fell from the pinata, I guess we don't have a lot of kids in the family
 Here's Derek with his presents. He's a happy boy :)
It was such a hot day but it was fun. A big thanks to my mom and Rosy for an awesome day for Derek!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

One-Year-Old Derek

The day arrived much too quick, Derek is one-year-old today. I can't believe he's been in our family for a whole year. We've been so blessed to have him in our lives. He's has added more happiness and joy to our lives. It's is definitely difficult sometimes to be a parent and but it is a blessing better than any other. Derek is just such a perfect son for us and I couldn't feel more grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing us to be his parents. Derek's at a point where he explores and learns so much, it's amazing to see how quickly he learns. Some things I want to remember about him at this time in his life are:
-He's such a happy baby, he smiles a whole lot!
-He loves to look under any table.
-He endures the many trips to the stores as his mama coupons.
-He still loves bathtime.
-He wakes up once at night (I finally get a good night sleep).
-He only has the two bottom teeth, but not for long. I totally thought he'd be getting another one today.
-He not nursing anymore (not even at night).
-He drinks everything from a sippy cup now, no more bottles either.
-Since he does miss his bottle, he takes a pacifier a little more these days. (he was so close to not using it anymore)
-He walks along the walls, always holding on to things but not on his own. He does stand pretty good now.
-He loves zuchinni
-He very alert, he hears every siren outside and everydog barking.
-He loves our dogs Fender and Piston.
-He loves to go up the stairs, he can't go back down though.
-Eats all kinds of foods, even spicy foods (well, not too spicy)
-He loves stroller rides.
-He falls asleep in the car a lot now.
-He loves to bang on the guitar as it's connected to the amp, and loves to bang on the piano, but doesn't like when I play anymore for he wants my attention on him and not on the piano.
-Wears 9 mos clothes and 12 mos.
-Can say "more." As in he wants more food.
-He loves to hear daddy on the phone ( I'm going to have to take a video and post it, it's too cute)
- I love that when he's playing by himself he'll grab a book and babbling as if he's reading.He still enjoys books.
That's all for now if I think of more I need to add them so I can always look back and remember.
This was today at his little birthday party. He had a cupcake for the first time!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Real Haircut

Derek's hair was getting too wild. It looks just ok in this picture but there were some days when we couldn't tame it. We've trimmed it twice before but it wasn't much, we decided it was time for the clippers.
So this is Derek right before his haircut.

 This is right after the haircut, not too shabby!
He looks so much older now!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pool Time!

We had a few really hot days and decided it was time to take Derek to the pool. I thought he would be kinda scared, but he does love bath time so this was a just a big bath tub for him. He just wanted us to let go of him. He was enjoying himself, he seemed to be fine with the cold water too.

We put him under a couple times and he did great!

We're so glad he liked the water, for he cried when we did take him out. This will be a fun summer!!!

Glen Ivy

I am fortunate to have such an awesome sister-in-law. Heather had a couple of Glen Ivy free passes. She called me the day they expired and asked if I would come with her. Derek was kinda sick, but I couldn't say no, I was in need of relaxation. So my mom agreed to watch Derek, and Heather's husband watch her kids and off we went to rel;axation paradise.
 This is us at the mud bath, I came out kinda funny but oh well, they're the only pictures we have.
Their food is so pricey so we decided to share these nachos, they were so delicious and big we were glad we shared.
Thank you Heather for such an awesome day. Love You Tons!!!

First Time at the Beach

For Memorial Day we went to the beach for the first time this year and this was Derek's first time at the beach ever. He wasn't too sure about the sand especially the wet sand but he did have fun too. We didn't put him in the water all the way, only his feet.
 Anyway, it was a perfect day to go. Cameron got some sun and had fun trying to boogey board, for the current was too strong.